Miyerkules, Hunyo 18, 2014

25 Things I Love About You

I could never tell you how much I value you. You know I am never good with telling people how I feel. You know I can hardly express my feelings, and you know how much I hate to talk about emotions. Every time we have a talk, I usually end up bullying you to the point that I become too insensitive to notice that you are hurt.

But please believe me when I tell you that I love you. Just do not believe me with the numerical figure in my title because I only put it to signify your age. I could not tell you I love you in a bulleted list because I want you to read every line in this blog. I could not tell you that I love you in a poem because I want you to spend some time with me through this blog.

Today is your birthday. You have always been proud of your birth date. June 19. You feel like you have a connection with Dr. Jose Rizal who is also celebrating his birthday. You even call yourself a martyr. You are a martyr. Who would not be martyr enough to stop schooling and be my guardian when I studied college? I know I was and am a pain on your back. I have seen you cry many times because I was so stubborn I kept going home very late. I have seen you work so hard just to give me money. I have seen you sacrificed yourself for me. You worked hard like a parent to me, but you never forget to listen like a friend to all my stories. I could never thank you enough for the things that you did to me.

Remember those times when we fight? There were lots of them. Do you know why I become silent in the middle of our fight? Or why I tend to walk out when you start crying? I never wanted you to leave home. I do not want to see you cry, well except for those times when you see old couples in the street and when we watch romantic movies. I could never take the thought of you weeping because of me. I always wanted to see you wear that happy face because you know that God has a purpose for everything.

Keep that faith. Your faith has been the reason that I keep on striving hard for our family. You inspire me with those words and pictures you post in our room. Most importantly, you make me believe in love. I have seen you fall in love and fall out of love. I have seen you cry over unrequited love and become all giddy because of a man. You taught me that only love can make me do greater things and that same love can get the best out of me. Your love for me and our family makes me a lucky being.

I am lucky I am your sister. You are very sensitive to my needs. Do you know that you make me smile with your little acts of goodness? Those little surprises? Those little gifts? I am grateful you are my sister. You are always there for me. You make me sane whenever I tend to overthink. You are very supportive in everything that I do. You believe in me.

All people you care are very lucky because we have you. You are a gift from God. Thank you and keep inspiring others!

I love you, ate Nenette. Happy 25th birthday.

The birthday girl

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