Huwebes, Hulyo 24, 2014

Less Than-Slash-Three


I miss the three of us
When we stayed inside our house in the province
We were young and naïve
We were full of dreams and hopes
We thought we could make it all
When we hold hands and keep each other

I miss the three of us
When we were apart for the first time
We had to get away from our comfort
We had to strive hard for one another
We thought we could make it all
When we stand strong for one another

I miss the three of us
When we all got our separate lives
We were reaching our dreams
We were having the things we needed
We thought, no, I thought
Everything will stay the same with the three of us

What happened?

Twenty Third

It is believed that the flower that the butterfly loves once grew here. 

In the branch of a tree silently clings
The silent pupa meek and well-disposed
Waiting for the perfect time
To see the world and learn to fly

Then she turned to a lovely butterfly
She flew from flower to flower
Enjoying the bounty of nature
The happiness of life

Then the butterfly loved
She saw no other flower but the one
She loved the flower more than anything
And so she stayed close to the flower

But autumn came
The petals she loves now falls to the ground
And pieces of her sinks deep with the petals
But she still loves the flower

The butterfly has to flew away
Leaving the flower she loves
Keeping the scar in her heart
Yet she still loves the flower

Even if it has been gone. 

Biyernes, Hulyo 11, 2014

More Than Words

You told me you are not good with words
That you could not tell me how much you love me
That you could not frame the right words for me

In the absence of words, your heart speaks
In those few words you utter
In those little acts you show me
Your love cannot be contained with anything
And baby, I love you for that

I love you when you smile at me
You glow like a sunshine
That promises hope and happiness.

I love you when you stare at me
Your stares penetrate to the deepest of my heart
It tells me things only my heart could fathom.

I love you when you hold my hand
The strength of your grip
Tells me not to let you go.

I love you when you hug me close
The gentle touch caresses my soul
And gives me the assurance
Of not being left behind and alone.

I love you when you sing songs to me
It is as if you sing the words
That your mouth cannot directly tell me

Above all these things,
There is one thing that makes my heart melt

I love you when you say those words
I could feel your heart
In that stare
In that smile
As you say, “I love you.”

I love you, baby
More than these words can let you know
And I will never get tired of loving you