Huwebes, Hulyo 24, 2014

Twenty Third

It is believed that the flower that the butterfly loves once grew here. 

In the branch of a tree silently clings
The silent pupa meek and well-disposed
Waiting for the perfect time
To see the world and learn to fly

Then she turned to a lovely butterfly
She flew from flower to flower
Enjoying the bounty of nature
The happiness of life

Then the butterfly loved
She saw no other flower but the one
She loved the flower more than anything
And so she stayed close to the flower

But autumn came
The petals she loves now falls to the ground
And pieces of her sinks deep with the petals
But she still loves the flower

The butterfly has to flew away
Leaving the flower she loves
Keeping the scar in her heart
Yet she still loves the flower

Even if it has been gone. 

1 komento:

  1. uggghhh :(
    The butterfly has loved a wrong flower. But she's thankful nevertheless, for that flower was the one who taught her how to fly.